All of our seafood is domestic and wild caught. We don't use any fillers or preservatives.
The food is made to order, so it's fresh! It really does matter to us what we feed you!

Lunch/dinner - prices subject to change, based on availability      Please inform us of any allergies!
All rolls are served on our split-top toasted bread, finished w/butter (available w/o butter).
Lobster Rolls: 

  • OUR SIGNATURE WARM - Warm lobster in citrus butter topped with chilled mango and diced jalapeno pepper, citrus kale and cabbage served on our toasted split-top bread
  • Creamy Lobster Roll - Warm lobster topped with our lobster bisque and bacon bits, served with citrus kale and cabbage (fall/winter season)
  • Chilled - Chilled lobster: touch of mayo, celery and spices, citrus kale and cabbage
  • BLT (Bacon, Lobster, Tomato) Roll - Warm lobster topped with bacon bits, sundried tomato, truffle oil, served w/citrus kale and cabbage

Surf and Turf Rolls                      

  • Rosemary Steak Sandwich - Rosemary marinated steak with melted parmesan cheese and sundried tomato with citrus kale and cabbage
  • Lobster and Steak - Sauteed lobster, rosemary marinated steak, with citrus kale and cabbage
  • Salmon Burger - Salmon mixed with green onion and spices, topped with garlic aioli, citrus kale and cabbage
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich - BBQ pork served with melted american cheese and citrus kale and cabbage
  • ClamWich - Fried clam sandwich with kale and cabbage
  • Triple decker Lobster Grilled Cheese with tomato and kale - we make awesome regular grilled cheese too!


  • Tofu Roll - Grilled spicy tofu, served on our toasted roll with truffle - garlic aioli, sundried, citrus kale and cabbage

Bisque and Fries

  • Creamy Lobster Bisque  (fall/winter season)
  • Parmesan Truffle fries -  and regular French Fries


Breakfast Sandwiches:

  • Egg and cheese
  • Kale and eggs
  • Bacon, eggs and cheese
  • Steak, egg and cheese
  • Lobster, eggs and kale
  • Pork roll, egg and cheese and more!

Any of the breakfast items can be made your way, just ask!
An assortment of sodas, water, flavored san pelligrino, coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider, and tea

MENU may vary slightly depending on the location! 


 Philadelphia, PA & New Jersey